I know, I am so late to the party. I don't care to admit this, but I saw the film before reading the book. Although I did leave it about a year until I read the book so hopefully my judgement is less influenced despite having seen the film.
This book is the latest part of a series of the Bridget Jones series of books by Helen Fielding. The story continues with Bridget reconciling with two love interests featured throughout the series, and subsequently falling pregnant. Not knowing who the father of her child is, Bridget attempts to incorporate both men into the pregnancy process which is temperamental, to say the least!
In addition to this, Bridget must also hold down her job which is at stake due to new management, entertain her whacky mates and please her  doting, but slightly cooky parents. The book is written as a diary to Bridget's unborn child, told from her increasingly pregnant perspective.

Bridget is relatable, endearing and hilarious. She's dits…


I have used the same Neutrogena face wash since year 8, and to be fair I still love it. But it came to the point this summer where my extremely simple skincare routine consisting only of said face wash and whichever moisturiser was on offer in Tesco that month, couldn't cut it.
I have never really had problematic skin, through my teens it has been exactly as you would expect- just a bit spotty. My pores are quite big on my nose, and I can get dry patches in the winter.  However, over the past couple of weeks my skin has become increasingly greasy and super spotty. 
I can't say what caused this to happen as nothing dramatically changed in my diet or lifestyle. I could possibly put it down to copious amounts of alcohol and sleeping in a tent for three nights - when I returned from a weekend at V Fest that my skin had a fit. Over the past couple of weeks I have added a few steps into my routine to try and sort my face out, as it's been causing me a little spot of bother.


I think it's so important to be truly authentic and original when blogging. By creating blog that is true to yourself ; its easier to write, it's easier to think of content that you are passionate about and if someone has already done something, and they're doing it better, I see no point in copying that.
However, I have been following several blogs for a few years now and since starting my blog and immersing myself into the blogging world I have found several more that I love. These blogs truly inspire me not only to discover the type of content I would like to create, but the type of 'blogger' I aspire to one day become.  

Let's start at the very beginning; (it's a very good place to start). Samantha's blog was one of the first blogs I ever laid eyes upon, thus the love affair began. She has an effortlessly chic style that's a little rough around the edges - a good stripe, a graphic tee and a bit of texture.  I appreciate her hone…


I picked up this book in Tesco on a whim; desperate for new reading material. Although I've never read the Confession of A Shopaholic series that she's widely known for, I had a feeling a book written by Sophie Kinsella would make for the type of Sunday morning, easy reading I was looking for.
The plot isn't complicated - the protagonist Katie Brenner, or Cat, is a country bumpkin who has ventured out to the Big Smoke in attempt to make a living in her admin job, much to the dismay of her widowed father who would love nothing more than her to return home to the farm. She is determined to be successful in London and live her dream; despite her tiny flat, horrendous commute and dead end job (but until then she can at least fake it on her Instagram page). When she's unexpectedly  fired from her job, she has to move back to Somerset, where she then has a run in with her cold-hearted boss. So, does she beg for her job or get revenge?

This book is so rela…


When your boyfriend entices you with a romantic stroll on a cloudy afternoon followed by a coffee in a quaint town and you put on a cute outfit and you're favourite Nike's only to be spending the rest of your day scraping sheep shit off the bottom of them and trying not to get killed by a ram.

At least I can't complain about a lack of spontaneity!

Dinefwr Castle contains the ruins of a medieval castle located on the top of a hill in the town Llandeilo, Wales.  It is believed that one of it's earliest rulers was Lord Rhys (d.1197), and is strongly associated with the princes of Deheubarth. 

The views from the top of the Castle looking over Llandeilo are utterly breathtaking - maybe even worth the deathly, cross country trek through the wilderness. 

I have been listening a lot to a series of Podcast's by two very influential bloggers - Lily and Annacalled 'At Home With..' (definitely worth checking out) whereby they interview guests in their homes. In thei…


My usual definition of a 'Sunday fun day' involves at least 6 cups of tea, lots of Lindt Sea Salt chocolate and cuddles with my puppy. This Sunday, however, was full of theatre, music and culture.  My mum and I took a trip to Cardiff Bay to see a production of The Addams Family; starring Cameron Blakely as Gomez, Samantha Womack as Morticia, Carrie Hope Fletcher as Wednesday, Les Dennis as Uncle Fester, and Grant McIntyre as Pugsley. 

The story unfolds as Wednesday falls in love with a 'normal' lad, and attempts to gain her mothers blessing in a grim, entertaining, and eventful evening. Each performer was absolutely incredible, the vocals couldn't have been better and the acting style was excellent; not one joke failed to gain a giggle from the audience. Carrie's 'Pulled' was the highlight of the first act, and the Duet 'Crazier Than You' between Wednesday and Lucas Beineke- said lad - played by Oliver Ormson, was a real treat in the second hal…


I never feel that eating healthy is a chore, or that I'm ever 'dieting' or depriving myself of what I really want; because I genuinely love most of the meals I make. I have tried loads of different recipes for protein pancakes, both veggie and vegan - with all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients. The current recipe I am using makes the most delicious, melt in your mouth, tastes like heaven kind of pancakes and it consists of only four things.

2 scoop Protein Powder  1 Banana2 EggsWater (to gage consistency)  The protein powder really is the deal breaker. When I discovered that PhD Supplements did their diet whey in a Cherry Bakewell flavour I almost collapsed. It's lived up to all my childhood Cherry Bakewell memories; these pancakes have a special plate place in my heart. 
If you don't like Cherry Bakewells, maybe this recipe isn't for you. You could alternatively substitute the protein for a strawberry or chocolate flavour,  there are loads of different r…